House Style

Our backbone is built from training within two of Savile Row’s most established bespoke houses and as such blends what we consider to be the finest and most flattering elements of both, to create a cut that is both modern and traditional.

Honing and developing our tailoring within the houses of Hardy Amies and Huntsman, we appreciate clean lines, a traditional high armhole and nipped in waist, a firm sharp shoulder and slim chest. Most of all we appreciate that your suit should be supremely comfortable and feel like a second skin. It should move with you, bring confidence and feel like yours, and yours alone!

However, Montague Ede does not dictate one particular style to its customers. The very nature of bespoke means that we appreciate the requirements and preferences put forward by you, the customer. We aren’t old, fusty and stuck in our ways. If you know what you like, we will combine your brief with our technical knowledge to create the perfect garment. Experience is key, and we will always advise the customer over any reservations we may have in terms of what works and what doesn’t - whether that be in fit, a style detail or cloth selection.