The Perfect Wardrobe

Montague Ede are experienced tailors with an extensive knowledge and passion for elegant menswear. A bespoke wardrobe consists of key pieces of investment tailoring that should last you a lifetime and serve as staple, go-to pieces, year in year out.  Whilst there is enormous fun to be had with cloth, colour, textures and linings, there are some core pieces that no wardrobe should be without.

The Navy Suit
A good, deep navy suit will see you though almost every occasion. It cuts aplomb in the workplace, dressed up with a good tie and decent collar,  and transfers brilliantly to a lounge suit for an evening drinks party or wedding where the tone is a little less formal and a tie can even be omitted.

Our favourite options here are :

Dormeuil’s British collection bunch, with vintage weaves modernised by contemporary yarn colours. The blues are lively, shot with either darker undertones or black yarns on the warp.
John G Hardy’s Fresco bunch. A travel cloth by nature, although the handle is quite dry, it wears beautifully. Crease resistant and very breathable, it comes in assorted shades from a light petrol blue to a near-black midnight shade. It also comes in a variety of weights for the warmer chap, from 7oz.

Grey Flannel Suit
An oldie but a goodie and such a wonderful suit to wear in the colder months.  Handsome with a brown suede brogue and cashmere polo neck underneath or worn with Sea Island shirt and silk spot tie, a flannel suit drapes beautifully, cuts a wonderful silhouette and hints at a vintage, quietly assured style that evokes Hollywood heroes and great Statesmen.

Our favourite options here are :

The Holland and Sherry classic flannel. Again, in assorted weights, the ‘fifty shades of grey’ Holland and Sherry have achieved mean that you can have huge variety within the flannels, from a lighter, dustier grey that could be worn as a separate casual trouser to a more formal charcoal.
Scabal also have a brilliant flannel bunch, with a slightly more luxe twist: a cashmere blend. Although not the hardiest cloth for those who wear their clothes heavily, it holds its shape beautifully and makes up very cleanly.

Navy Blazer
From “dress down Fridays” to a Saturday lunch or days where the dress code is a little ambivalent, every wardrobe needs a navy blazer. Together with your navy suit, It is literally the most versatile piece of tailoring you might own.

Our favourite options here are :

Dugdales’ Royal Classics. Woven in Huddersfield, this timeless cloth will transcend generations with its traditional values and great handle. In our eyes, a blazer says more by it’s cut than by being an ‘out there’ design piece. Beautifully understated, and coming in varying shades of Navy, anything from a smoked mother of pearl button to a traditional gold disc button will compliment it perfectly.