About Us

Founded in 2016, Montague Ede is a modern bespoke tailor with a traditional background. We are Savile Row trained and established. Our showroom and cutting boards are just a stone’s throw away (across Regent Street) from our team of Savile Row based craftsmen who hand tailor all of our clothing.  Each person that works on your suit, be it a coat maker, finisher or presser has been trained following a traditional and lengthy Row apprenticeship and brings with them unparalleled skills, ensuring that we only cut and produce the very best.

We have a broad experience in bespoke tailoring, be it business wear, evening dress or country clothing.  From a classic two piece suit to the full works of Morning wear complete with waistcoat and slips, we thrive at a challenge and the satisfaction of seeing first or fifteenth time customers beautifully turned out.

Founder, Antonia Ede’s ambition for Montague Ede stems from a lifelong obsession with well made, beautifully cut clothing. Accompanying her grandfather to his tailor at a young age, honed an awareness for the importance of a well cut suit, the care and time that goes into producing it and the psychological benefits that come with looking sartorially sharp.



Bespoke Shirts

Montague Ede shares its Brewer Street home with the talented Deema Abi-Chahine, shirtmaker extraordinaire.  Deema started her career on Sackville Street, qualifying and working as a bespoke shirt maker before setting up on her own in 2013. She works with the very best British, Swiss and Italian shirting mills, including Alumo, Soktas and Canclini. Made entirely in-house, these handmade shirts are both luxurious and practical - a perfect combination in our humble opinion.


Hand made ties

Augustus Hare make beautiful hand made ties. Sharing a love of the unique with Montague Ede, we adore the English silk used to create each unique piece. Each product is made by a team of craftsmen, all of whom work for family run companies, and that have been honing their skills for generations.

The eccentricity of design combined with the formality of a necktie as a piece of clothing make these timeless design statements a must-have for any peacock. Bold, yet perfectly elegant. Stocked in-house at Brewer Street, we are proud to call Augustus Hare a friend of Montague Ede!