The hunt for the perfect Overcoat


The hunt for the perfect Overcoat has long been a discussion between one of my oldest dearest customers and I.

His wife is of the belief that less is more: navy herringbone, single breasted, understated chic. He is of the opinion that more is more: velvet collars in garish colours, cuffs turned back, loud satin linings. I, however, lie somewhere in the middle.

A coat should brighten your day up a little, with a fun detail or a flash of colour inside a pocket flap, but it should also be deliciously subtle in its elegance. And that is the joy of a bespoke garment. It is entirely yours, and although it’s the prerogative of your cutter to let you leave the shop looking your best, we also love a challenge!

This months inspirational cloth bunch is Dugdales’ new overcoatings, including this stunning cream whipcord. At 20 ounces, it’s not to be taken lightly!

This month has also seen us finally moving into our wonderful new space, with much huffing, puffing and inhaling of strong paint! We had an amazing moment on the Sunday evening of ‘the big move’ where on looking around the room, I saw 7 tailors from 4 different companies, all beavering away for us, their friends! Utterly brilliant, utterly kind, and utterly appreciated.

So: secret tailoring elves, THANK YOU, and to everyone else, we look forward to welcoming you to our new home!


Antonia Ede