Is it already December???


Ho Ho Ho (w? is it already December?!)

This year has flown by, with a lot of strange and exciting changes upon us both worldwide and on our doorstep. With this in mind, I think the traditions of Christmas are even more important this year, and with that in mind, I give you: my Wish List.

Bespoke shirts

As many of you will be widely aware, we are fortunate enough to share our space with the very talented Deema Abi-Chahine. Deema’s shirts are stunning, hand-made, and best of all, she is offering a 10% discount to any customers of Montague Ede.

G.J. Cleverly’s slippers

These utterly decadent cobblers are long time friends of Savile Row, with the owner George Glasgow being one of the first people I met in the trade. Their cashmere or velvet slippers are the ultimate in footwear luxury, and (I’m told) exceptionally comfortable and long lasting. To me, these epitomise Christmas, sat by a log fire reading the papers. Possibly a little ‘Christmas Carol’ for some folks liking, but to me, just right!

Augustus hare ties

Made in the UK, these handmade silk ties are the objects of dreams. If I could get away with wearing a tie without looking a little Liza Minelli, I would. And because I can’t, you should! A perfect combination of elegant and quirky, these unique designs are both imaginative and chic.

Harry Mundy cufflinks

Harry has long been a friend of Montague Ede, and his stunning cufflinks are handmade in Birmingham’s Jewelry Quarter by Britain’s oldest family jeweler, who specialize in vitreous enameling. This highly skilled technique means that no two pairs are the same. To us, that singles them out as pretty special indeed!

Sir Plus dressing gown

We can think of nothing lovelier than a really cracking Dressing Gown to make one feel like Lord of the Manor, whether that Manor be in Stockwell or Gloucestershire! With Sir Plus’ ethical mantra, these beautiful garments are made using left over cloth (‘cabbage’ as it’s called in the trade). Henry started making boxers and gillets, and as his wares have grown, so has our love of Sir Plus! With a choice of cashmere, cotton or wool, we are sure you’ll have trouble giving this away.

Velvet Smoking Jacket

Leaving the best till last, our favourite piece of luxury clothing: the Smoking Jacket. No fashion house has left it un-tried, and with good reason. To be worn to any occasion you can get away with, from a Black Tie ‘do’, to a dining room supper. Cut in our signature House Cut, this timeless wardrobe essential is the ultimate gift. The best news? We’ll make sure you look good on the day, with a gift box containing fabric swatches, a sketch and voucher, so he’ll have something to open!

Contact us here for information about a gift box:

[email protected]

From the team at Montague Ede, we wish you an indulgent Christmas, a decadent New Year and look forward to welcoming you back in 2017!


Antonia Ede