We are delighted to be teaming up with the brilliant cloth merchants Hardy Minnis to offer our customers a fantastic 15% off orders using J and J Minnis' iconic Fresco cloth.

Fresco is one of the most distinctive British fabrics we know, and although generally used as a travel suiting, is fabulously versatile. It's name translating to 'fresh', we understand exactly why, with it's multiple yarn, high twisted wool allowing for an open weave, breathable cloth.
Due to the high twist, it has a very dry, coarse handle to it, which, despite feeling less 'luxe', allows for long lasting wear.

Nowadays, Fresco is available in over 36 different colours and designs, and the weights range from 8oz–15oz per yard (248g–465g per metre), whereas the original fresco from the 1950’s was usually between 11 oz -18oz (341g -558g per metre) and a plain weave. More recently, the designs have been becoming more lively, with stunning puppy tooth and stripes making their way into the bunches.



Antonia Ede