The Great British Wardrobe Overhaul Part 3


So, for the final installment, I asked our very patient intern and my even more patient colleague what they thought the last article of clothing for the ultimate wardrobe detox should be, and although they both said a jacket, they disagreed on what. SO. I thought back to the ‘homework’ Rachel has been doing each week since interning with us, a film we set each week for her to watch.

This is mostly for costume/style reasons, or because of cultural importance to us. Past films have been The Thomas Crown Affair (original) and The man In The Grey Flannel Suit (reason not necessary). The film for this week, however is Bullitt. Steve McQueen at his best; a broody cop with iconic sixties style.

To me, this is the missing jigsaw piece: the Bullitt Jacket. Totally versatile, this classic throw-on- and-go coat that works with either chinos, flannels or jeans. A rollneck or an open collared shirt with a cravat. Having made one for a client back at Hardy Amies, he still claims it as one of his favourite garments ever. We made it from a classic Scabal jacketing, however the cloth market is flooded with possible fabrics, from a tweed to a cashmere. As the ideal spring coat, we look forward to seeing more of these on the street in coming months!