The Great British Wardrobe Overhaul


Continuing our theme of the Great British Wardrobe Overhaul, or GBWO as it will now be known, I give you my number two staple: a white collarless shirt.

Now, I am not claiming to be the Messiah of the ironing world, but nothing makes me happier than a crisp white shirt. Boring as it may seem, I am of the opinion that this is one of the modern western worlds most undervalued garments. Accessible to everyone, from the smallest provincial High Street to Jermyn Street, worn by school children and CEO’s alike. Obviously there is a difference in quality between Tesco and Turnbull and Asser, but the idea of having a blank canvas to work with really appeals to me. As with the afore mentioned flannel trousers, a collarless white shirt is extraordinarily versatile, from day to night, formal to smart.

I wear them on the weekend, almost as a go to uniform, and throw one under a trenchcoat over jeans for impromptu meetings. Esquire Magazine describe them as “a good, modern option if you don't feel like wearing a tie, a white granddad shirt looks the business teamed with a deconstructed blazer and jeans or worn smart with your suit”. And we happen to agree. (Above, bespoke collarless shirt by Deema Abi-Chahine,