Meet the Merchant: Patrick Osbourne

Patrick Osbourne

Patrick Osbourne

Where did you start?

I started with Sunday job at 16 in house of Fraser on the formal wear department working with Jaeger, Crombie & Boss.

What is it about the history of Harrisons/LBD that attracted you to the company?

It was the huge variety of different brands, cloths & qualities. Also working for a family owned business is always a plus in my mind. 

What is your favourite cloth, and from which bunch?
My favourite cloth is from the SpringRam bunch - 98113. It might be a bit dry for most but I love the depth of colour & the weight of it. Plus it wears so well!

What garment of clothing could you not live without?
My pair of Seashell light grey trousers. I wear them A LOT! casually & formally, I love something that can be worn in more than one setting. Other than that I have a tie from Chester Barrie - a huge POW with a red overcheck that always gets great comments. 

In your opinion, who is the best dressed man alive today?
It might be an obvious answer but HRH Prince Charles. Classic, stylish & timeless! 

What was the first bespoke garment you ever got made, and by who/what cloth?
I am yet to have my first proper bespoke garment made. But come next year I am hoping to get a 3 Piece morning suit made for my wedding. 

What is the definition of a beautiful cloth?
In my opinion it would all be dependent on what you wanted the garment for. Every cloth has its own merits for every garments that is made from it!