ME at the races!

‘How to?’ and ‘what not to wear?’ the eternal questions at this time of year, after Cheltenham and the Grand National, but before Ascot. So we have put together this, Track Dressing: How to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons at the races.

  • Wear a suit. This can be as jazzy or as classic as you like, but unless you’re standing in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot (Morning suits only), suits are essential. It doesn’t matter how you make the look interesting, or your own, as long as the suit is sharp. And by sharp, we do not mean spray-on tight. Take note. 

For a more relaxed day, a two piece is acceptable, but make sure you still look smart. Ascot has banned separates this year, along with cravats. Despite the fact that grey flannel trousers and a tweed jacket can sometimes be smarter than a shabby suit is apparently not being taken into consideration with the blanket rules!

  • Wear correct shoes. Nothing upsets us more here at ME HQ than the sight of a suit and trainers combo, so polish up your Oxfords, Brogues or Monk straps and finish the look properly.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize! The races are famous for a bit of peacocking, and it is the perfect chance to play around with pocket squares, tie pins and a slightly bolder tie. Pocket watch? Why not!
  • For a Morning Suit, keep things classic. White collared or detachable collared shirts are timeless when worn with Morning dress, with the above rules being applicable.  Personally, loud waistcoats can be a bit too much, but it is a chance to have some fun with formalwear. We suggest sticking to the classic sand/cream/duck egg blue combos, but why not add slips and take the look up a notch?

Lastly, make sure you are comfortable. It’s a long day! Trousers feeling a little tight? Coat a little large? Fancy something new to look the part? Pay us a visit in good time to make sure we can send you off looking your absolute sharpest.

Antonia Ede